A Golden Year

A Golden Year

As 2016 comes to a close, we all have a powerful opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months.  For me, it’s been quite a year!  There are just so many things that happened. I started a business, left my corporate job, graduated from an incredible coach training program and became a mentor coach. And that’s not all.  I received my ACC through the International Coach Federation, logged over 250 hours of 1:1 coaching, and launched my first group coaching program.

After all of this, I managed to reach countless other personal milestones to spending special family time. So it’s been quite an amazing ride with multiple stops outside my comfort zone.  In celebration of wrapping up the year and with an eye towards what’s ahead, I am kicking off my blog!  Welcome, welcome!

My intention is to create posts that are an extension of my coaching and consulting practice, providing insight, an often unique perspective, advice and much more.  This blog is for you on the inter-webs – my incredible clients, interested readers and anyone else looking for inspiration to get unstuck and into action.  Now it’s your turn to reflect and ask yourself these questions…

  • What have I accomplished this year?
  • How have I rewarded myself for those accomplishments?
  • Where am I in relation to the goals I set for myself in January?  Which of my habits have supported me in reaching my goals this year?  And which have created blocks?
  • Do I have regrets?  If so, what are they?  And what are they costing me?
  • We all make mistakes.  Which mistake taught me the most this year and why?
  • What value are you generating from asking yourself these questions?  Are there any acknowledgements you’re willing to make to yourself as a result?

In the comments section, please share what you see for yourself through this exercise.  Really give thought to what you’re doing (or have done) to reward yourself for your accomplishments.  Most of my clients fall into the trap of “forgetting” to reward themselves.  They say they have already moved on to the next project, deal, or assignment and haven’t had the time.

I’m here to remind you that without the rewards, there is no celebrating the accomplishments. And with no celebrating the accomplishments, we cheat ourselves out of precious moments of joy and satisfaction.

Happy reflecting!



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  1. Great 1st blog post Emily and I love how you always engage your audience with your authentic energy… whether it’s face to face or through social media. For me, I have definitely become calmer and truly learned the importance and value of being “present-moment”….especially for my husband, my kids and myself. That was a big goal of mine that I feel great about myself. It’s simply a priceless thing to do for yourself and feels great.

    SO proud of you Em. Cheers to 2017!!

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