Our partners bring a wide range of capabilities, diversity of background and approach, and a uniformly exceptional range of experience and coaching credentials.

Emily Golden, MCC

Emily is the founder and CEO of Golden Resources, a coaching and consulting firm. She helps today’s emerging leaders and executives shift underlying beliefs, find their sweet spot, and bring newfound value to their careers.

Henna Pryor, MSA, ACC

Henna has a track record of working with high achievers and measurably improving professional performance through personal development and strategic coaching.

Julie Ketover, JD, PCC

Julie is an executive, leadership and life coach, as well as a trainer, writer and speaker, with nearly two decades of experience in the legal industry. 

Melissa Eisler, MA, PCC

Melissa is an ICF Certified Executive Coach with an MA in organizational leadership, and she partners with leaders in order to reach individual and organizational goals.

Tina Muheim, ACC

Tina is an ICF-certified coach. She connects with her clients through her authenticity, heart, and humor.

Lisa Specter, MILR, PCC, CPCC

Lisa is a leadership and career coach, Human Resources consultant, mom, wife, and yogi.

Allyson Hernandez, ACC

Allyson is a creative businessperson who coaches leaders to maximize their strengths and unlock their potential by getting clear on what they want and what’s really getting in their way.

Kristen Harcourt,  PCC, CPCC

Kristen is a big believer in compassion, authenticity, and conscious leadership, and its her mission is to help leaders transform from the inside out so they can create a meaningful career and purpose-driven life and reach their full potential.

Elena Arecco Bridgmon, PCC

Elena is a professional certified coach, facilitator, and human resources professional who is dedicated to the balanced development of leaders in corporate America.

More On Our Coaches
Emily Golden, MCC

Recognized as an expert in emotional intelligence in the workplace, Emily Golden incorporates her years of corporate human resources experience into her high-performance coaching practice.

She is familiar with the challenges executives face, including time management, overwork, and the potential for burnout. Her clients emerge re-energized, equipped with the tools that help them create a balanced and meaningful life inside and outside of work.

No stranger to the delicate balance of work-life juggling, Emily was a top performer when a troubling diagnosis struck her family. Her daughter was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in 2010. Despite the emotional toll, Emily’s perfectionism kicked in and she was determined to be the best employee, mother, and partner for her husband.

The trouble was, at home, she was thinking about work. At work, she was thinking about what she needed to do for her kids at home. When her son was also diagnosed with the same syndrome, Emily shifted her focus to finding a workable balance that honored her capacity in her work and personal life.

She realized that her talents for seeing both the blind spots and the skills in others in her corporate position translated seamlessly into coaching high performers looking to advance professionally while avoiding the trap of burnout or golden handcuffs.

Combining her leadership and work in human resources for over 17 years, 3,000+ hours of hands-on coaching, and 500+ hours of coach training, Emily has created a powerful coaching method not typically offered in corporate America.

As a master certified coach, Emily combines the best of diagnostic methods including the EQi 2.0 with her step-by-step guidance and powerful support, so you can make fulfilling career choices to support the life you deserve.

If you’re ready to show up more powerfully in every aspect of your life, to get on and stay on the path of your choosing, then it’s time to work with Emily.

Henna Pryor, MSA, ACC

After an explosive 14-year recruitment career working with top performers, growing managers, and C-suite leaders, Henna founded Pryority Group to realize a vision that providing access to executive coaching and development is the most important asset to any individual’s continued growth. Henna prides herself on an “empathetic but no-nonsense” approach and has been recognized quickly as a secret weapon of companies ranging from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500.

She has a track record of working with high achievers and measurably improving professional performance through personal development and strategic coaching.

In addition to her 1:1 coaching work, Henna is currently an Executive Coach with Chief, a private network focusing on connecting and supporting women leaders, and also leads coaching and training for the Women’s Business Enterprise Center and University of Delaware’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, and also the creator of several in-demand performance training programs.

She earned her Masters in Accountancy from the University of Virginia and BS in Finance from the University of Delaware and completed her coaching certification in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance from American University. She currently holds her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification and is thrilled to use her unique combination of expertise and experience to help leaders and high achievers take themselves to the next level.

Julie Ketover, JD, PCC

Before turning to coaching, Julie held a number of positions in the field of law, including as a practicing attorney, senior business operations professional, and talent developer at law firms. She brings her depth of experience in the legal industry to her coaching and training of law firm partners and associates, C suite and other senior law firm executives, and in-house counsel and General Counsels of public and private companies. Julie has also worked with companies in other industry sectors, including media, technology, financial services, and healthcare and has coached C suite, senior executives, and entrepreneurs in those companies. Julie brings to bear both keen understanding and relatability that facilitate trust and effective collaboration. In her practice, Julie works with high-performing, goal-oriented professionals in demanding environments. Her clients learn to challenge and trust themselves, to up-level their leadership, to more effectively manage their teams and to achieve their goals with purpose and commitment.

Julie lives with her husband and two daughters in South Jersey. Being committed to service and community, Julie currently serves as a Board Member for the International Coach Federation of Philadelphia and as a Vice President on the Board of the Jewish Community Relations Council of South Jersey. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Yale University, where she majored in psychology. Following college, Julie received her law degree at NYU School of Law.

Melissa Eisler, MA, PCC

As an ICF Certified Executive Coach with an MA in organizational leadership, Melissa Eisler partners with leaders to develop their resilience, systems thinking, executive presence, and strategic communication skills in order to reach individual and organizational goals.
Her clients are leaders ranging from C-suite to mid-level management, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, from global to local organizations, and across diverse industries. What her clients have in common is they are all high achievers who are open to investigating their blind spots and discovering new ways to reach and magnify success.
Melissa provides customized solutions for leaders and organizations. This approach includes assessments and inquiry to generate insights and a growth plan based on strengths and gaps. While the specifics of the approach look different for each leader, they always focus on integrating the states of “being” and “doing.” When these two align, profound leaps in leadership become possible.
As Albert Einstein said, “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.” Melissa couldn’t agree more. She partners with clients to expand their perspectives so they can design new possibilities for action that will lead to more meaningful results. She has always been fascinated by human behavior, cultures, and the way people live and work around the world — with a focus on what people can learn from their differences. Traveling to 35+ countries has broadened her perspective; this expansive way of thinking influences her coaching style.
Melissa has more than 15 years of experience in leadership positions in the corporate world, reporting directly to C-suite and leading large teams to achieve impressive growth. She has led teams during IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, and many phases of organizational change and challenge. She blends her leadership experience with her masters in organizational leadership and background in mindfulness, to support her clients’ growth through challenges and change.
Specialties & Strengths: Executive & leadership coaching, leadership development, team building, mindfulness, systems thinking, resilience, group dynamics, organizational change management & VUCA, productive communication.

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Lisa Specter, MILR, PCC, CPCC

Lisa Specter is a leadership and career coach, Human Resources consultant, mom, wife, and yogi. She is passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and feel more empowered in their career and personal lives. Leveraging over 15 years of experience as a trusted Human Resources leader within Fortune 100 companies supporting employee engagement and development, Lisa partners with clients to elevate their impact and effectiveness. She supports clients to create clarity on where they are today, their vision for the future and establish an action plan to reach their goals. Lisa is credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the ICF, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the Co-Active Training Institute and holds a Masters of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR) from Cornell University.

She is a certified yoga instructor and can incorporate breathwork techniques into coaching engagements to help clients better manage stress, regulate reactivity and refocus.

Allyson Hernandez
Allyson Hernandez, ACC

Allyson knows that once her clients activate their true selves – that’s when the magic happens. She reflects to her clients what they can’t see and encourage them to lean into the parts that need to be let out and stop blending in. Allyson is passionate about encouraging and empowering her clients to drive results by tapping into the qualities that make them unique, revealing blind spots, and developing their growth edges.
While she’s spent 20 years working in Corporate HR, Allyson has also managed a dual career as a professional actress, singer, writer, and composer. She draws on my unique blend of experiences with enthusiasm, humor, directness, and a heavy dose of empathy encouraging clients to embrace their “extra” and get comfortable with not blending in but standing out.
How did she become a coach? After going through a Leadership Development program through Women Unlimited, Allyson was challenged to find a way to combine her passion with her work. She didn’t think Theater and HR could possibly go together until she embraced what was possible. Coaching corporate business folks on their speaking voices led her to enroll in a year-long coach training program with IPEC, one of the top ICF accredited programs in the US in 2015 and Allyson never looked back. She holds Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentials through the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and truly loves her work.

Kristen Harcourt, PCC, CPCC

For more than a decade, Kristen has partnered with executives and emerging leaders in hundreds of organizations worldwide to achieve extraordinary and sustainable results through increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.

In addition to being an in-demand speaker and facilitator, she is also an accredited coach, empowering leaders to become more aware of their strengths, blind spots, values, and purpose so they can build lives and organizations of success, sustainability, and health.

A keen student of human nature, Kristen graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology at McMaster University. She holds her CPCC and PCC designation through The International Coach Federation (ICF), considered the “gold standard” in global coaching certification. She’s also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

She has worked with a diverse range of organizations including Cineplex, Ontario Power Generation, Toyota, Economical Insurance, Meridian, OLG, Canadian Tire, CAA, Metroland Media, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Spin Master, DB Schenker, and more.

Kristen hosts a bi-weekly podcast called Inspirational Leadership where she interviews progressive CEOs, strategic HR leaders, and forward-thinking experts who share her passion for leadership development and creating positive work cultures.

A big believer in compassion, authenticity, and conscious leadership, Kristen’s mission is to help leaders transform from the inside out so they can create a meaningful career and purpose-driven life and reach their full potential.

tina muheim
Tina Muheim, ACC

After 33 years in the insurance industry and 25 plus years in information technology, Tina Muheim changed careers graduating as a certified coach, and is an excellent example of starting over regardless of age. She coaches executives, athletes, and individuals looking to fulfill their dreams and desires.

She is certified in EQi 2.0/360. Tina is pursuing her Doctor of Information Technology degree at Walden University. She is volunteers as a crisis counselor at The Crisis Text Line.

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Elena Arecco Bridgmon, PCC

Elena has over 20 years’ experience working in companies large and small across financial services, healthcare, sports marketing, and retail.

Elena’s clients would tell you that humor, enthusiasm, compassion, and project management skills are her secret weapons. Her key areas of expertise and accomplishments include leadership development, women in leadership, training and coaching, and overall practices in HR/marketing/ops.

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