Are You Ready To Make A Bigger Impact?

Are You Ready To Make A Bigger Impact?

As a new season begins, I am dropping in to talk about making a bigger impact in your career and life. I speak with people all day who want to grow their career, increase satisfaction and add more value in the world. It is human nature to be motivated by making an impact.

So how do you make a bigger impact? Add more value to the world around you?  A simple way to do this is to intentionally take on new or additional responsibility.  Get into action by getting involved in a project at work that you otherwise wouldn’t, join an industry organization, head up a committee, organizing a community service project with your co-workers.  There are endless possibilities.

The thing is that simply taking on new or additional responsibility is only part of the equation; the action or DOING is also part of the equation.  The other part of the equation is your WAY OF BEING when taking on these responsibilities. And this piece leaders is, in my opinion, more important than the actual doing of the thing.

Consider this, two people volunteer to coordinate a company barbeque.  Both are selected to work in partnership. One person, although she volunteered and wants to make it a great event, finds herself annoyed and aggravated about the differing opinions of the event stakeholders.  She goes through the motions, gets done what needs to be done and is looking forward to the event being over so that she can move on. The other person is more or less unphased by the varying opinions and keeps his focus on his higher level commitment to make the event memorable and special.  He also knows that he’s making a difference by having volunteered. If you were picking volunteers in the future, who would you select given the choice between these two characters? I’d choose our unphased and committed volunteer. His way of being is warm and assured while our annoyed and aggravated volunteer, though she’s kept her opinions to herself, occurs as discontent and disconnected.  While this may seem basic and obvious, people often miss the importance of cultivating a way of being that serves them and those around them.


So how do you cultivate a certain way of being when stepping up to make a bigger impact?

First, you must gain clarity on who you want to be. In other words, what “way of being” do you want to bring to your new responsibilities?

Then you must pay attention to the thoughts you’re thinking, where it all starts. You see, your “way of being” is a result of your emotional state and your emotional state is a result of your thoughts.  When you think thoughts that create feelings of love and kindness, you generates a warm and inviting way of being. When you think thoughts that create feelings of annoyance and obligation, you generate a disconnected and discontent “way of being”.  It’s really that simple….AND this principle can be applied to almost every area of your life.

Since the thoughts we think make all the difference, getting intentional about our thoughts is a powerful opportunity. I’ve come up with four new thoughts for you to try on as you take on new responsibility.

1. Taking on additional responsibilities at work will increase your value.
If you work to your fullest potential, it will give you a sense of satisfaction to extend yourself into other areas. Taking on new projects also makes you more valuable to your employer.

2. Reject the narrative that you owe your employer the amount of work that is equivalent to you salary.
There is value in giving more than what your compensation covers.

3. Going beyond the call of duty gains you recognition as a loyal employee who is concerned about the well-being of the company.
Understanding that doing your part to keep the organization successful  contributes to your longevity there. When you offer your assistance to other departments, it expands your horizons.

4. Learning new areas of the business makes you flexible and attractive as an employee.
Your employers know that you are reliable when they recognize how versed you are in the business. Doing more also adds to  your value for future endeavors. Each action that you perform today is in preparation for a lifetime of projects that you are bound to undertake.

Your thoughts are the keys to your kingdom when it comes to having a satisfying and high impact career and life.  Everything starts with a thought. Try on any or all of these thoughts when taking on new or different responsibility and let me know what you notice.

As always, I would love to hear what you see for yourself in this exercise!  Just hit reply. Cheers to a new season!

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