Like Rapunzel taking the leap from her tower making it the “best day ever”, most of us want to make 2017 the “best year ever”.  This could mean starting a new career, getting that promotion you’ve been wanting, growing your business, increasing your income, getting into better shape, finding balance…  It’s exciting to think about what is possible yet you notice a sense of doubt creep in when you admit that you said you’d do the same thing last year.  And the year before that.  Predictably, by about February 15th, all those well intended resolutions will have taken a backseat to to-dos, lack of time, exhaustion, etc.  Again, you will table the idea of creating big changes in your career and life.  You’ll tell yourself that you’ll get to it when the kids get out of school, or after your summer vacation, or in the fall when the leaves start to turn.

The good news is that you are not alone.  The even better news is that it doesn’t have to go this way.  Creating your dreams personally and professionally isn’t just something that happens in fairy tales.  With clarity, commitment, the right supports and courage, you can be on your way.  Interested?  Get out a pen and paper and read on…

Let’s start first with identifying what you really want.  From the heart, if you knew that you couldn’t fail, what would there be to create professionally?  Personally?  Give yourself time to really think about this one and write down your answers.  Notice when your head wants to jump into the conversation to tell you all the reasons it won’t work, can’t be done, etc.  Allow yourself the freedom to explore from your heart.

Now, still in this heart-based moment, imagine yourself on December 31, 2017 having made THAT thing happen.  What would it be like for you?  How would you feel?  What would you do to celebrate?  What else might be possible now that you know you’ve made your dream a reality this year?

Taking the fear of failure off the table and standing in possibility, as you’ve just done in this exercise, is an incredibly effective way to get clarity on what you want.  It also supports you in defining your commitments and acts as a reliable place to return to when you start to veer off course.

With a clear vision defined, create a plan for yourself, which includes mini milestones that add up to big accomplishments. Be intentional about living in harmony with your commitment every day. Get supported in ways you’ve never been before (you can’t do it alone). And take time to notice and be grateful for the small things in life, acknowledge the ground you’ve taken and reward yourself for your accomplishments.

I’d love to hear from you!  What awesomeness are you up to in 2017?  What will you create?  What will predictably stand in your way?  And what will you do to stay on course?    Remember that I’m here to support you through my blog, free resources on my site, one-on-one coaching and group work.

Here’s to big things in 2017!


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