COVID-19: Caring for Yourself when Fears Run High

COVID-19: Caring for Yourself when Fears Run High

Whether we like it or not, the COVID-19 virus is happening and will impact all of us in one way or the other. This I know for sure.  I also know that we have a CHOICE as to how we respond to it.

Before we talk about choice, I must share candidly that over the past few weeks, I have noticed old tendencies returning such as attempting to control (most) things my loved ones are doing in an effort to keep them safe.  In fact, my son Max’s hands became so raw, chapped and painful from washing them this week that he cried in pain and agreed to sleep with moisturizing gloves on…not the “cool thing” to do when you’re an 11-year-old boy!   I have also noticed a drive (more like an obsession) to learn as much as possible about this virus and what can be done to stop the spread. While it’s important to be informed during times of crisis, becoming overly focused on the news can be counterproductive, divisive and paralyzing.

Thanks to my own transformational journey over the past 5 years and the unwavering support of excellent coaches, I have the tools to shift the conversation in my mind when old “noise” resurfaces.

Here’s where choice comes into play.

As a human who believes in infinite possibilities, I CHOOSE to see the opportunity in all of the chaos.  I choose not to let what-ifs run the show. I choose to take action from courage rather than from fear. I choose the narrative I live by.

And so can you.


Emily Golden Career Coach

Here are some concrete steps you can take to care for your mind during uncertain times:


Step 1: Decide who you are going to be about it.  What will you think about this period of time? What beliefs will you choose to empower?  How do you want to feel? Write down the answers to these questions and review them daily.  It’s predictable that you’ll forget so create ways to prompt yourself to remember.


Step 2: Decide when and what information you consume.  We all have an abundance of choices when it comes to media outlets.  Choose who you’ll listen to and when. Stop yourself from “rabbit holing” on social media.  While the distraction might feel good in the moment, it isn’t healthy for you in the long run.


Step 3: Decide who you will surround yourself with and how you will keep yourself engaged and connected during this period of time. Get supported by a professional.  Make the choice to talk to people who are calm, rational and smart.


Emily Golden Leadership Coach


I choose to trust that we will emerge from this learning important lessons for the future.

I choose to believe that this moment in history will draw us closer to one another and serve as a reminder that no matter who you are, what you do, what you have or don’t have, we are all human beings.

I choose to believe that there is gold in everything no matter what if we are willing to see it that way.

I choose to acknowledge that I’m scared and that it’s okay to be scared.

I choose generosity, kindness, and gratitude.

What do you choose?

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