Do You Consider Yourself A Great Leader?

Do You Consider Yourself A Great Leader?

Hello hello!  Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a research project which I’ll be sharing more about soon.  As part of this project, I’ve been interviewing managers across industries on what makes a good, great and less than stellar leader in the workplace.  The insights I’ve gleaned thus far have been fascinating. Themes are emerging.

Do you consider yourself a great leader?  Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers. Leadership is challenging. It’s part science and part art.  The science can be learned conventionally. The art is learned by experience.  The ability to combine both separates the great leaders from the rest.

The business environment is rapidly changing.  This is creating a great demand for those with leadership skills, particularly as it relates to leading others through change.  In the past, managers were tasked with maintaining the status quo. This is no longer true. If you can lead others through change, you possess one of the most valuable workplace skills.

Leaders have the ability to change companies and the world.  Leadership skills are highly learnable and always valuable. Advancing your skills may be the best way to advance your career.

If you’ve always wanted to become an effective leader, you’re in luck.  There has never been a better time to enhance your ability to lead others.  There are more opportunities to learn these skills than ever before.

There are two types of development.  Passive and active development. Both are important.

  • Passive development for growing your leadership include listening to podcasts, reading books on leadership, taking training courses, watching TedTalks, etc.  This type of growth leads to incremental shifts.

  • Active development, which leads to transformational and accelerated growth, includes individual and/or group coaching, experiential learning and hands-on exercises.

As you’re preparing for some quiet time this summer, do yourself a favor and include plans for professional and personal development, even if it’s as simple as sitting poolside with a book, listening to an audio while taking a long walk.  And, as always, if you think coaching is right for you, your organization, or someone important in your life, post a comment and let’s chat!


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