How to Start New Habits That Actually Stick

How to Start New Habits That Actually Stick

This week I’m talking about habit forming. I believe that certain small habits have the power to transform your life.

Do you ever wonder how a seemingly simple habit can be SO hard to implement, yet others become second nature in just a few short weeks?  I do!   Habit forming is something I am infinitely curious about. I follow thought leaders in the space. In fact, I’d say doing so has become a habit of mine. Thought leader James Clear is at the top of my list. He’s a leader, author, entrepreneur and photographer, who drops brilliant bits of wisdom that are devoured by his followers.

This week, I’m sharing a post  from James Clear’s blog called  How to Start New Habits that Actually Stick. Before you dive into the article by clicking the link, I have a challenge for you. Here goes..

Step one: Write down three new habits that you’re looking to implement

Step twoWhat difference would each of these habits, if implemented, make in your life?

Step three: Now pick ONE of these three habits to work on. Only one!  THE habit that, if implemented, has the potential to create positive ripple effects in more than one area of your life.

Step fourRead James’ post How to Start New Habits that Actually Stick.

Step five: Get into action forming that new habit!!

In need of support with habit forming?  Simply hit reply and let’s schedule a time to chat.  At this point in my career, I’ve supported hundreds of people to create new habits that stick, myself included.

Continuously creating new habits (one at a time) keeps us growing and evolving into the best version of ourselves.  And after all, isn’t that what we’re all striving for?  Okay…now go on and get to it!

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