Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Have I mentioned how much I love my job???  I am blessed with some incredible clients.  People who are up to big things in their lives.  People who have vision, passion, tremendous capacity, brilliance, desire.  Magnificent people who notice that they are stuck in one or more area of their life.   This is what has them turn to me for support.  


While the exact circumstances are different, I consistently hear potential/current clients engaged in past based conversations.  This can look like justifying how things got to be the way they are, how things would be different if only this or that had happened, how they should have taken a different action, been in a different place…sometimes I’ll hear blame around how it’s gone…you get the picture.  This sounds incredibly disempowering, right? Even more so is that most of us spend most of our time here and don’t even realize it.  


Look in your life.  Do you see yourself?  Be honest…


Focusing our energy on the past nearly guarantees that we will recreate it in our present and future.  If that’s too theoretical for you, think about someone you know that continues to move from job to job or relationship to relationship and is constantly talking about it.  The circumstances are different but the end result is always the same.  The job ends, the relationship ends.  The person returns to the same (or maybe even more) resigned place and wonders why they have such bad luck.  Or they start wondering what’s wrong with them.  


A times, looking in the past is important.  It serves to move our conversations forward.  Healing a past wound, identifying old patterns to create new ways of being in the future, measuring growth, etc.   By in large though, past based conversations keep us stuck and small.  


Some questions to consider:

Where you are spending your time in past based conversations?  

What’s the payoff you’re receiving that has you continue doing this?

What might be possible if even 5% of the energy you spent on the past was used to create your future… intentionally and on purpose?


Share your comments with me!  And, as always, if you see something for yourself in this topic, I would love to learn more during a complimentary discovery session.  

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