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Figured out my next career move!

I hired Emily to help me with my job search, but I got so much more! When we met, I had lost 2 jobs in the past 3 years, first due to downsizing and then COVID. I had lost my confidence and was unhappy. I needed a career change and had no idea how to navigate my next steps. Emily pushed me out of my comfort zone and to make decisions based on what would make me truly happy in my career, not just content. I am my own worst critic and blamed myself for my lack of direction and employment. Emily taught me how to examine each situation realistically and to forgive myself for things that were beyond my control. Emily is smart, kind and patient. Through her support and guidance, I regained my confidence and figured out my next career move. I highly recommend working with Emily, she changed my life!­

New York, NY

Entrepreneur 🙂

I began my work with Emily when I was looking for support with managing through a possible career change. What I gained from our time together was so much more than that. She guided me through the journey of fighting through fear and discomfort in order to find courage and strength to live my truth. I am so appreciative of her support and patience as I navigated a significant life change, and the tools and techniques I learned from her teachings will always stay with me. Thank you Emily, for all you do!

Chicago, IL

Learned to Navigate the Grey

Emily’s coaching was especially impactful concerning my awareness of self & others, soft approach, appreciation of nuance, how to navigate the “grey,” and how to improve my moderation. 

Additionally, Emily helped me unpack certain events and their meaning, helped me self-reflect, helped me ensure that I was always seeing others at their best, and helped me to see certain items as opportunities (rather than imperfections).

Charlotte, NC

You’re amazing, Emily! Thank you for your help!

Prior to speaking with Emily, I had never had any type of counseling before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she by far exceeded any expectations that I could have. I initially was feeling very undecided and confused by what my next career move should be but after only two months of working with Emily, I feel confident in how I will be moving forward in my career. I highly recommend her!

Warren, NJ

Amazing Growth Experience

I started working with Emily at a time when I was having some difficulty with my supervisor at work. Through Emily’s focused sessions I was able to slowly build up my confidence to deal effectively with my boss and also to develop other success habits a long the way. Emily has that rare combination of insight, empathy, humor and ability to listen which for me translated into excellent results for my career and also improved my profitability in a separate side business that I maintain. I highly recommend Emily’s services to anyone who is looking to grow and maximize their potential both professionally and personally.

Highland Park NJ

I was skeptical at first…

Emily is the first career coach I’ve ever worked with and I’m extremely grateful for it. I was in need of guidance from an unbiased 3rd party, but was skeptical of what value a career coach could offer. During our time together, I progressed far beyond what I imagined possible. Through Emily’s approach to listening with intent, sharing of thoughtful insights and purposeful guidance I gained a deeper understanding of who I am and what I am capable of. The personal empowerment I gained continue to greatly bless both my career and personal life.

Thanks again for all your help!

Playing My A Game

It is imperative for individuals to be aligned with their core values to achieve their missions in life. Imagine this…. you are in the midst of change and you have life and career decisions to make. Keep imagining… in the midst of those decisions you have have an instructive coach to help you get and keep to what aligns with your values and missions. Now, don’t stop, keep imagining …. that coach feels like they are a part of your team. That describes Emily. Emily was critical to my mission to discover and align my values with my work and personal life goals. I enthusiastically recommend Emily to help you see yourself and your values with such instructive detail you are able to put them into practice immediately and play your A game.

Nashville, TN

Navigating through the Unkown

As a coach Emily brings a powerful combination of brilliance and heart. Her ability to hear and reflect both what is said and not said is a great support in navigating the unfamiliar & sometimes daunting path of a career transition. Overall she brought a ton of generosity, patience and insight to our work together and I am grateful for the experience of working with her.

Darien, CT

Emily got me back on track!

The last five years of my career have been filled with ups and downs (mostly downs), soul searching and have had many moments of doubting myself. I’ve been very successful throughout my career and honestly thought I would figure it out and it would all work out as it always has. The problem was I was trying to do this all myself without any direction. I’ve been working with Emily now for about six months and she has turned my world around. Our conversations have been extremely productive and have helped me to realize my strengths, my weaknesses and corrected my mindset.  Thank you Emily!
Marlton, NJ

You Opened the Floodgates!

I cannot thank you enough… You removed the blockage and helped to open the floodgates that’s going to help me land.  You are  someone I want to keep in my life, you have amazing skills and great insight and I really really appreciate all you did for me.
Houston, Texas

Learning How to Take Responsibility

I came to Emily looking for help finding a new job.  I walked away with a transformed relationship with myself and my life in addition to a new job and a new romantic relationship.  Working with Emily opened my eyes to how I was living life “at effect” or as a victim of circumstances, people and my own self limiting beliefs.  Emily pushed me outside my comfort zone.  For example, when I said “I don’t know” she would call me out for “going dumb” on myself.  Emily consistently stretched my mind to dig deeper believing that the answers I was searching for are actually all inside of me.  Talking to Emily is natural and empowering.  From the beginning I felt like I was talking to a friend who also saw my greatness in a way I never had.

Houston, TX

Sr. Director Planning and Analysis

Emily entered as my coach when I started a challenging role and where networking was critical to my success. I looked forward to talking with Emily because of her keen insights. Emily helped me step out of my ordinary thinking and helped transform how I view myself and others. She helped me understand myself better and helped me engage to achieve my full potential, to be truly influential, and serve as a thought leader in the organization.

Houston, TX

Rewarding Investment in Me!

The opportunity to work with Emily came at a pivotal time in my life and career. Everything happened for a reason. I needed Emily to hold up a mirror in many areas; job, career, being a new mother, wife, daughter, sister.
There are many successes from working with Emily. Mostly being intentional and focusing on my power and questioning “who says you have to?”
With Emily it was all about incremental shifts, and working progress to my goals on saying yes, building confidence, restoring mind and body.
She confronted me on my frustration at life and together we created awareness.
More importantly we released things, so that I had the space to focus elsewhere and consider the next phase of my career as exploratory and less prescribed.
Lots of laughs, aha moments, and my favorite was being acknowledged. It was very powerful and a rewarding investment in myself.

Bernardsville, NJ

I’ve Never Been happier!

I started working with Emily when I was feeling stuck and in a rut with my life.  I was frustrated in my job, relationships and myself.  I knew something had to change and even though I didn’t know what, I knew it needed to start with ME.  As hard as it was for me to take that leap, I did it and I have never been happier.  Over the past 6+ months, I have shifted the story in my head about myself, learning to trust myself and feel a sense of pride I’ve never before experienced.  Emily’s style had me feeling safe and supported even when emotions surfaced that weren’t easy for me to be with.  Emily’s process had me gain clarity around what I really loved about my current position and what I did well.  I also clearly saw where I was trying to fit a mold that just wasn’t me.  I learned that I didn’t necessarily have to leave my current employer to create the shifts I was looking for.  Emily’s HR experience came in handy in helping me create a custom job description for myself.  Then, she supported me with the push and acknowledgement I needed to unapologetically ask for it!  While I am pleased that my employer met my request and I am now in the job I designed for myself, the greater breakthrough for me was in learning to do what scares me. I have taken this confidence and realization into all aspects of my life.  I now have more meaningful relationships, now the value of self-care and life a fuller life not holding back.   Emily always says that growth happens outside of the comfort zone and my experience is further proof!  The best part is that I can apply what I learned through working with Emily to every area of my life.  Coaching is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Jersey City

Well worth the investment!

Through my work with Emily, I have gained clarity on the next phase of my career and life.  Knowing that I have the plans and action steps in place to achieve my entrepreneurial dream is exciting and inspiring.  And, I notice that as a result of knowing where I am going, I have been having more fun with my current corporate position.  Sessions with Emily taught me to think differently, shift my perspective and see new possibilities.  Emily has a good memory which always surprised me and has a way of asking thought provoking questions that got me out of my own way.  I am a stronger person thanks to working with Emily.  The investment was well worth it.


Next Level of Leadership!

I am grateful for the 6 months I spent working with Emily. Having known her professionally for years before she became a coach, I trusted her to support me through a transitional time in my career. Emily’s gift for identifying and reflecting my blind spots had me seeing new possibility both professionally and personally. In addition to becoming more self-assured and learning to say what I think without fear of judgement, Emily shined a light on the next level of leadership for me which is more fully leveraging support in every area of my life. I am happy to say that I received a promotion while working with Emily and I believe that our partnership played a part in that. I would recommend Emily as a Leadership/Executive Coach to anyone looking to get to the next level in their career.


I have now found direction!

Thanks for the coaching since the beginning of the year.  I was lost and now I have direction.  You were a blessing found in a parking garage (where we randomly met)!

Improved Productivity!

My experience coaching with Emily was extremely positive.  Our work together allowed me to gain altitude on myself and my path forward.  Learning to practice self-forgiveness has shifted my relationship to guilt and improved my productivity which was the primary reason I hired Emily.

Negative Self-Narrative No More

Since I am a psychotherapist, I thought I knew myself pretty well and was unsure what coaching could really do for me.  But Emily’s keen insights into the subconscious story I was telling myself about my business and my life was a revelation! Confronting and changing this negative self-narrative together with Emily has resulted in an empowerment that surprised me. My relationships have improved and my income has increased. I have Emily’s kind, positive, and intelligent coaching to thank! I would recommend Emily to anyone who wants to rise to the next level of satisfaction in their life!


Presence and a Gentle Hand on my Shoulder

Emily-  You modeled coaching for me so artfully.  You are Coach, Teacher, Leader, and Teammate.  But you are mostly Love, Light, Brilliance, Compassion and Leader for me.  Mostly, you are tapped into humanity through your beautiful tears and beautiful smile.  Your Essence is everpresent.  I truly cannot imagine this year without you in it!  Thank you for taking on the responsibility of guiding me through the muck to arrive on the other side.
Bedford Hills, NY

A life-changing experience!

In a new job with big shoes to fill in a high level management position, I was anxious about what I was stepping into. I had heard about life coaching but really didn’t know what to expect–I didn’t understand what made coaching different than good ol’ fashion talk therapy and was nervous to commit–especially financially. However, after my consultation with Emily, I started to gain an understanding of how working with her would help me shift the way I viewed myself, how the dynamics of my family of origin was painfully playing out in the work environment and how to correct this. Emily created a safe, supportive and inspiring ‘work space’ where I could be honest with myself and truly ‘be brave’. Emily’s accepting and thought-provoking sessions helped me to develop a healthier work-relationship with myself–one with compassion and free of judgement. Such internal shifts have only had a positive impact in both my work and personal relationships. I truly see a shift in the way I manage myself and through this journey, I have found how to connect and sustain my best self and suddenly stepping into bigger shoes at work feels exciting and less scary. Thank you, Emily–this was by far a life changing experience!

Northern, NJ

My life has really transformed

I have have worked with her for over 6 months and my life has really transformed with many positive changes that we have worked on together. Emily has a gift of being able to connect (even virtually in my case) and offer guidance and the framework around coaching principles. This has allowed me to view many aspects of my life with a fresh perspective and has given me the tools to tackle any challenge or goals I choose. In our time working together I have been able to achieve several goals in well being, relationships, and my business.

I’m thrilled with my decision to work with Emily and partner with her in this Journey…. She is a wonderful person and an extremely talented and passionate coach! Thanks Emily!

Raleigh, NC

New Lens

Working with Emily has had such a positive experience in my life. I really didn’t know what to expect from working with a life coach and was skeptical of the real life impact it would have. Emily upgraded my doubtful spectacles into a new set of forward thinking lenses. I’m learning to tackle problems from a different framework and to use my oxygen mask when I need help. Honestly I’ve grown a lot and learned so much about myself working with Emily. Her kindness and humor is an incredible plus! She’s relatable and you feel really comfortable talking with her. I don’t think I had a clue what it would mean for me when I started coaching. Embracing forward thinking, I am seeing so many seeds of positivity throughout my life. I’m happier and see more pathways to solutions. I look at this journey as a leap of faith out of my comfort zone, taking me on an adventure of possibilities I didn’t realize could exist for me!

West Orange, NJ

Now I have life’s tool box

When I started working with Emily I had over thirty years of work experience to rely on. After only a few sessions Emily gave me a gift. That gift was a tool box to use daily. The tool box has helped me find my internal compass that has always existed but which I had forgotten. Everyday I use this gift.

Thank you Emily.

Mendham NJ

Group Coaching with Similarly Stuck Women

I’d assumed that working with a career coach would involve listening to a bunch of empty sounding inspirational quotes that only look good embroidered on pillowcases. But I knew I needed to talk with someone about what a real change at work would look like for me. Emily had her work cut out for her. Luckily, her sense of humor, plus her warm, caring and direct approach to our sessions has allowed me to see possibilities instead of probabilities. Turns out there’s a lot more work to do than cliches to learn!
Once she masterfully arranged a group of similarly-stuck women, Emily taught us how to better understand what overwhelms us as individuals, where to plug our integrity leaks and how to separate our inner thoughts from facts. I’ve come to see that my first call to Emily was an act of growth because it was outside of my comfort zone. I’m now considering embroidering a pillow with an inspirational quote as well as challenging myself to take some low-grade risks that will allow me to take some even bigger changes changes in my work and my life.

A truly rewarding experience!

When Emily first approached me about joining a group of working moms for a group-coaching program she was leading, I have to admit I was skeptical about the whole “group” thing. It turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only was I able to learn from being coached myself, but from the others’ experiences as well. Emily will help you find your blind spots and will do so with tremendous kindness and compassion. I have felt lucky to have her in my corner.

Haddonfield, NJ

Empathetic and Bold!

Emily is one of the most positive coaches I have ever met. You can’t help have some of her positivity and drive rub off on you! She is incredibly empathetic and sensitive but also will hold you accountable to your goals. She constantly inspires me and challenges me to be my most true and best self I can be. An hour of her time is truly a gift. Hire her now!!

Chatham, NJ

A candle to light the path

I reached out to Emily when I felt I was at a fork in the road in my career. There was pressure for me to choose a path, but I simply was lost in a foggy forest, not knowing which way to go. Emily’s skills in extracting what I really want out of life was exactly what I needed. She made the path of self-discovery very clear and I finally found myself out of the forest and on new path (not even one of the paths that I initially was deciding between!) Thank you for being my light out of the fog.

Princeton, NJ

Virtual Group Coaching

Over the past few months, I’ve had the gift of being in a virtual coaching group led by the talented Emily Golden. For those of you who have wondered about what a career/life coach does, please visit her website and read her latest blog post. I feel truly blessed to have met Emily through practicing yoga, but have also gained a whole new perspective on life as a result of her bringing out the best in me. I Love you Em. You Rock.

Cherry Hill, NJ

You will be better for it!

Working with Emily has helped me to explore what has been holding me back from going for what I really desire in my career and in my life. She has helped me to challenge old ways of thinking and find new approaches so that I feel ready to go for it! Emily is supportive, authentic, thoughtful and knowledgeable. She is also a lot of fun to work with. I now have a plan to move forward – and a plan to keep me moving forward. Thank you Emily!

Voorhees, NJ


Emily is an amazing Career Coach who I had the opportunity to work with for three months. She motivated me to see my strengths and hidden potential, all for the benefit of career advancement. She is very knowledgeable and structured around her coaching approach and I truly appreciated the positive acknowledgements she provided me in our weekly sessions, which allowed me to continue to stay upbeat and focused. I would recommend Emily to any anyone who is willing to uncover your hidden potential through these highly beneficial coaching sessions.

Greenville, SC


I had an opportunity to work with Emily over the course of about 4 months this past year. Her support and guidance could not have come at a better time and gave me incredible perspective on my career and personal life. Since then I have gained a lot more clarity and have been “in action” thanks to her encouragement, motivation and direction. I can’t wait to work with Emily again and will scream it from the mountain tops that everyone should find the time to work with Emily. She is an amazing motivator and confidant and all around great person, who I’m thrilled to have on my side.

Flagstaff, AZ


Emily is an amazing Leadership Coach who really motivates her clients to unleash their hidden potential. She is very knowledgeable, structured around her coaching approach and has numerous tools and techniques that she unveils to her clients to help them become a successful executive. She adjusts her coaching to clients’ strengths, work rhythm and inherent power style. I would recommend her to any aspiring leader who is willing to work on himself/herself and timely implement all coaching tasks.

Houston, TX

Great Experience

I could not have gotten this job with out you. You really focused me and helped me explain what my strengths are and not to hide behind my weaknesses.

West Orange, NJ


I came across Emily’s services during a time when I was feeling trapped, uninspired and completely disconnected from my job. I knew all the things that I didn’t want for my career, but couldn’t seem to focus on any possibilities beyond my current situation. During our sessions together, Emily has proven to be an excellent listener, insightful, funny and the perfect dose of reality that I need. She has helped me communicate my career goals and set concrete deadlines to achieve them. Emily has successfully guided me outside of my “comfort zone” to a place of new-found perspective and endless opportunity. The best part is that she let me get to this place at my own speed and on my own terms. I now feel empowered and confident as I plan the next steps in my professional life. For anyone looking to be unstuck in their career, Emily Golden is the answer.

Philadelphia, PA


My work with Emily was nothing short of transformational. This was my first foray into coaching and Emily couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for me. Emily is compassionate, insightful, and intelligent and she was able to help me identify underlying fears that have hindered me in my life. She also helped me clearly identify and articulate my values, my passions, and my goals which ultimately reshaped my notion of what my life has been and what my life can be. She opened my eyes to “possibility” and for this I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend Emily as a coach…she truly has gift for helping people!

Summit, NJ

I have become ME.

I’ve always been the type of person who could be like anyone else in the room, which I thought was a great attribute until I realized that at my core, I was separated from who I truly knew who I was. With the help of my coach I can say with full confidence that I have become the person I always imagined myself to be. I realized that I was constantly putting my thoughts, feelings and actions in other people’s control. With daily practices and having a strong support system with my coach I realized how powerful I can be when I consider my thoughts, feelings and actions into my own responsibility. I have learned how to better serve myself and make unfamiliar experiences familiar in order to live a fuller life that I am completely happy and satisfied with. Life throws curve balls constantly and in the past I would step in front and play victim to getting hit. Now that I’ve spent months with my coach I can see the trajectory of the curve and know that whatever outcome occurs I can stand up tall and be part of it.

Long Beach, NY

The Best!

One of the qualities I admire most about Emily is her absolute bravery when it comes to her clients. She has the ability to see exactly what is blocking growth, directly ask clear questions and move through the block with her clients, even when the topic is scary! I have watched her partner with clients to transform their lives while treating them with the utmost respect and kindness. I have been moved by her heart, presence and clarity in our coaching sessions and would recommend her to any of the people in my inner circle.


Loving my career again!

Emily, I have to tell you something…This new role has given me the mental stimulation that I have been craving for years BUT I would not be here if I didn’t meet you! There was a point where I really put my career behind me, felt it wasn’t important until I met you! I saw how I could love my career again and still be a good mom! You made me want to be better. You infused life back into a sinking motivation. I think of you often and how lucky I am that our paths crossed. Truly! Bravery, courage…I am keeping it front of mind thanks to you!
“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.”

Wall, NJ


Emily’s coaching sessions helped me gain some direction and focus in certain areas of my life where I really needed it. These sessions helped empower me and gave me confidence to be able to accomplish the goals I set… and then I watched the endless opportunities unfold. Emily made me feel comfortable with her kindness and definitely leads by example. Thank you Emily!

Voorhees, NJ

Wonderful Help!

Emily’s coaching sessions helped me find the confidence to take action to improve my life. Her method of asking questions, digging deeper and holding me accountable for my responses was very powerful. I am now more comfortable taking smart risks and believing that I can achieve more.

Berlin, NJ

Highly Recommend!

Emily has such a great mix of getting to the core of what you truly want with real ways to get there. I think that’s my favorite way to describe Emily – she’s so real and down-to-earth. No pretense – no hippy dippy which I loved. It felt like coaching for the every woman trying to navigate her life with some support along the way. I would totally recommend Emily if you’ve been struggling to create change on your own and want someone to help guide you, see parts of yourself you may have missed, and some concrete steps to move forward.

New York, NY

Fantastic Coach!

Emily is not only a fantastic coach, but also an amazing person. Without her I don’t know where I would be right now. She gave me the tools and know-how to live my life deliberately and happily and I can’t thank her enough for it.

Voorhees, NJ

If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. - Thomas A. Edison

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