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The reality is…

It’s no secret that the cost of disengaged employees to the U.S. economy is over $450 billion annually. But the bigger cost is the physical, mental, emotional, and financial drain on you – the driven, motivated professional aiming for the C Suite and all it entails. You’re making things happen, you’re getting noticed and the accolades, promotions, and financial gains are satisfying…for a while.

It’s not uncommon to snag that dream job or perfect career and then begin to feel deeper questions bubbling up.

You put in the hard work to get where you are, but despite the title or the pay stub, you still have something gnawing deeper within:

Why do I feel empty and unfulfilled when I should be happy that I have this great job?

How do I shake this fear of appearing stupid?

Why do I feel like things just aren’t clicking in my life?

How do I respond to problems confidently instead of coming off as emotional?

How do I take my career to the next level? Or do I even want to get there?

You’re not alone – many talented, hardworking executives and emerging leaders struggle with the same secret…

The American Psychological Association calls it “Imposter Syndrome” – the paradox of experiencing anxiety despite the success you just achieved by reaching a goal. In other words;

“I’m afraid I’ll be found out.”

And I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN OVERCOME IT!


How? By finding a guide, a guru, a coach that can see your blind spot then SUPPORT YOU through the steps forward so you can experience substantial career and personal shifts. One that will help you climb the professional ladder without sacrificing a fulfilling personal life, (and I promise you it doesn’t have to be exhausting to achieve it!)

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Because there isn’t just one way to integrate financial or job security with your personal and family life. There’s your way.

YOU’RE READY TO PLAY A BIGGER ROLE but are unsure how to market yourself and bring your best self forward.

Jill found herself in a new job with “big shoes to fill.” Anxious and uncertain about the high-level role she was stepping into, she found working with me to be the eye-opening threshold into recognizing her true brilliance, talents, and judgement-free vision of herself and in her relationships.

Emily’s accepting and thought-provoking sessions helped me to develop a healthier work-relationship with myself–one with compassion and free of judgement. Such internal shifts have only had a positive impact in both my work and personal relationships. I truly see a shift in the way I manage myself and through this journey, I have found how to connect and sustain my best self and suddenly stepping into bigger shoes at work feels exciting and less scary. Thank you, Emily–this was by far a life changing experience!

Jill, Northern, NJ

I get it. Truly.

In over 20 years working in recruitment and talent acquisition for major corporations, I’ve seen brilliant, talented, and highly driven people feel held back by their own inner doubts and self-judgement. Bright stars that let buried wounds and the sting of unwarranted critiques impede their trajectory.

BUT WHAT IS AMAZING IS THE TRANSFORMATION that occurs when these same people are given the clarity, direction, and tools that allows them to not only recognize their greatness, but to communicate it confidently and utilize their abilities in their career, their relationships, and beyond.

In a corporate setting, I was able to see an individual’s superpower and identify their gifts that would make a difference in the organization. Matching talents with ideal positions produced outstanding results; both for the company and for the individual.

Today, I help high performers discover meaningful professional and personal growth by giving them the tools and steps to overcome their inner doubts and self-imposed limitations. I stand for my client’s commitments and vision while holding them accountable for generating results.

If you’re tired of that inner questioning, schedule a call with me here.

Emily helped me step out of my ordinary thinking and helped transform how I view myself and others. She helped me understand myself better and helped me engage to achieve my full potential, to be truly influential, and serve as a thought leader in the organization.

George, Houston, TX

Before you jump in…

Now, before you jump in and say, Yes – working with Emily is exactly what I need, there are some things you should know that won’t happen.

  • I won’t let you tell me that your situation is different, impossible, or hopeless.
  • I won’t let you stay stuck in old patterns and victim mindset.
  • I won’t let you off the hook easily – I’ll reveal the roadblocks and give you the tools, then it’s up to you.

I will work with you using a variety of tools and coaching techniques including the EQi 2.0 that helps us discover your motivating drives and needs – giving you a clear picture of what true fulfillment and success means to you.

Together, we will focus on:

  • Prioritization – Figuring out where you need to focus and what you can let go of with less stress
  • Time Management – Managing that cycle of overwhelm while making sure you have time for your own personal well-being.
  • Leadership presence –Learning how to voice your ideas and values in a way that feels heard and recognized without second guessing your instincts so you can step into your full leadership potential!

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Despite a coveted position at a successful company, Rick felt that he was spinning his wheels, trying to be everywhere and do everything without any clear direction. He worried that he had spent five years going backwards more than forward. We focused on the role his mindset played and how it clouded his perception of his talents and all the right things he was doing. It didn’t take long for him to experience the shift – same job, same company – but a new, empowered, and fulfilled Rick!

The last five years of my career have been filled with ups and downs (mostly downs), soul searching and many moments of doubting myself. I’ve been very successful throughout my career and honestly thought I would figure it out and it would all work out as it always has. The problem was I was trying to do this all myself without any direction. I’ve been working with Emily now for about six months and she has turned my world around. Our conversations have been extremely productive and have helped me to realize my strengths, my weaknesses and corrected my mindset.  Thank you, Emily!

Rick, Marlton, NJ

Jill, George, and Rick all have something else in common – they recognized the value of engaging a coach in order to break the old patterns and programs. They didn’t want to be held back by their own doubts, they didn’t want to feel the pang of imposter syndrome or drop into bed every night feeling disconnected from their partners or family because they were exhausted by work.

Can a coach help you overcome all that? I know it can – I see it happen over and over.

How would it feel to wake up each day excited about your life? Your career?

Find out how it can change things for you – Schedule a call with me here

Emily Golden

*P.S.  I have a limited number of discovery calls available due to my current client calendar. Don’t wait – schedule your call NOW so you can start on your new, clear path to success.

Figured out my next career move!

I hired Emily to help me with my job search, but I got so much more! When we met, I had lost 2 jobs in the past 3 years, first due to downsizing and then COVID. I had lost my confidence and was unhappy. I needed a career change and had no idea how to navigate my next steps. Emily pushed me out of my comfort zone and to make decisions based on what would make me truly happy in my career, not just content. I am my own worst critic and blamed myself for my lack of direction and employment. Emily taught me how to examine each situation realistically and to forgive myself for things that were beyond my control. Emily is smart, kind and patient. Through her support and guidance, I regained my confidence and figured out my next career move. I highly recommend working with Emily, she changed my life!­

New York, NY

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