Golden Resources for Your Talent, Teams and Organization

For Talent: Executive & Leadership Coaching

Great skills and desire don’t instantly turn into great leadership. Ensure your leaders know how to build trust, engage and retain employees, and motivate high performance. We’ll help you identify the Ultimate Leaders in your organization and develop them into Top Performers.


-Do you know how to increase productivity in your Ultimate Leaders?
-Are you harnessing the transformational power of Emotional Intelligence?
-Are you proactively taking steps to retain your Top Talent?


Golden Resources for Your Talent lead to:

  • Increased capacity
  • Performing to full leadership capability
  • Greater productivity
  • Achieving consistently better results
  • Improved retention
  • Greater job satisfaction and higher engagement

Golden Resources for Your Talent may include:

  • Executive Coaching Engagements /Leadership Coaching Engagements
  • 360 Assessments including: Quantum 360®, Leadership Circle Profile™, EQ 360® and more
  • Micro-intensive Engagements
  • VIP Days and Retreats
For Teams: Systemic Team Coaching
Systemic Team Coaching was developed to prepare teams to adapt to the demands of our fast changing world. This groundbreaking coaching approach teaches teams to break down the dreaded ‘silo’ thinking, enhances a systemic way of inclusivity, and shifts the team beyond high performing, into value adding.

-Does your team have a common language and clear protocols for interacting, constructively disagreeing, and dealing with setbacks?
-How strong is the trust among members, and psychological safety with each other?
-How well equipped is your team to deal with change, the ‘new work environment’ and shifting priorities?

Golden Resources Team Coaching leads to:
  • Faster, stronger trust-building
  • Better chemistry
  • Greater collaboration & creativity
  • Inclusion & equitable achievement
  • Reduced stress
Golden Resources for Your Teams may include:
  • Systemic Team Coaching
  • Healthy High Performing Team Assessment
  • 360 Assessments including: Quantum 360®, Leadership Circle Profile™, EQ 360® and more
  • Multiple-day Offsites and Retreats
For Organizations: Leadership Workshops & Retreats

Book dedicated time for building trust, advancing inclusion, and strengthening team dynamics through engaging learning experiences.

-Do your Leaders need time to work on themselves?
-Do you help leaders integrate and practice their learning?
-Are you taking care of your Top Talent?

Golden Resources Organization-wide Programs lead to:

  • Clarity of key leadership competencies
  • Clear plans for talent and team development and growth
  • Elevated overall organizational performance 
  • Increased sense of community, loyalty and commitment
  • Breaking down silos, improved collaboration, and greater ownership of purpose for the highest and best outcomes of the organization

We provide customized programs that target the strategic priorities and emergent needs of the organization. Tools and strategies promote overall leadership development, wellness, work life integration and fulfillment in the workplace. Some theme-based training examples are:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Leadership Competency Selection and Implementation 
  • Defining Your Leadership Vision and Mindset
  • Aligning Organizational Values and Leadership Competencies
  • The Coaching Approach to Leadership
  • Communicating with Power
  • Creating an Engaging & Satisfying Work Environment: remote, in person & hybrid
  • Self-awareness as Foundational to Leadership
  • Self-Advocacy (targeting ERG’s)
  • Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Energy management not time management
  • Fostering Psychological safety
  • Dare to Lead™ Training

“The Katz JCC in Cherry Hill found the perfect source of dynamic staff training with Golden Resources. Emily Golden guided our Leadership Team through a series of workshops that fostered self-discovery in the workplace, camaraderie, and career strategies that were applicable to the work our staff team does. Her approaches were practical and interactive, and all team members benefited from their experience. The time we devoted to our training was time well spent and a wise investment in our Leadership Team.”

– Oded Kraus, Executive Director

Organizations that will thrive in today’s market:

  • Have a holistic "People-First" approach that prioritizes employee health & wellbeing, career development, and employee recognition

  • Build an emotionally intelligent workforce that is accountable, responsible and ever evolving.

  • Support employees at all levels to feel a sense of purpose and connection at work

  • Encourage authenticity as it spurs productivity and wellbeing, creating more personal interactions and increased inclusion, productivity, innovation and psychological safety

  • Continue to adapt to the fast pace of global change by fostering cross-team collaboration, improving the quality of relationships across the organization and re-designing systems to allow for flexibility and energy management.

"We’ve been partnering with Emily and her team for 3 years as a strategic talent advisor. She not only guides us with best practices in talent development, she supports us to customize those best practices to meet our unique cultural needs. Emily is a brave, powerful trailblazer committed to excellence. At this point in our partnership, we trust her recommendations to up-level our work for greatest impact. We know that there is always flexibility in solutions to meet our needs."  

- Nicole, Head of Talent Development

We are a team of certified executive coaches, trainers and consultants.

Our partners bring a wide range of capabilities and smarts, diversity of backgrounds and approaches, and a uniformly exceptional range of experience and credentials.