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How to Make a Dream Promotion a Reality, Especially While Working Remotely


A recent survey shows about three in four working Americans admit to “sheltering-in-job” right now. Many are afraid to ask for a promotion, especially while working remotely. Master certified coach and author, Emily Golden, joined WFXR News to share some tips to help keep your career from going into hibernation.

Make The Resolution to Put Yourself First in 2021


Emily Golden, master certified coach,, hashes out lessons from her book “The New Golden Rule” that will help you find your true focus this year.

El Paso Moms: “One Blow After Another” During Pandemic


Life coach and author Emily Golden says asking for help takes courage but it’s ultimately the best way to preserve a mother’s mental health and take the pressure off.

Career Coach Offers Advice for Pandemic Work Slump


More than half of Americans say it’s difficult to get a good job or that their opportunities to advance at work are limited during the COVID-19 pandemic. Career coach Emily Golden shares ways you can clarify your goals and change the way you’re looking at your opportunities.

Certified Coach, Author Emily Golden tells us about ‘The New Golden Rule’


What do job hunters need to know about businesses looking to hire? Learn about “The New Golden Rule.”

Can you live your life by this new golden rule?


Megan sits down with a mother-daughter writer duo to learn more about the reality of being a perfectionist.



Challenges executives face including time management, overwork, and the potential for burnout

#100MasterCoaches​​ with Emily Golden

Emily is familiar with the many challenges executives face including time management, overwork, and the potential for burnout. She is practiced in working with clients to make sure they are creating a balanced and meaningful life inside and outside of work by choosing where their time and energy are most needed and learning how to create the space for necessary self-care. Emily’s intuitive nature gets to the root of roadblocks, turning limited viewpoints into transformative action. The result is increased productivity and engagement and overall career satisfaction.

Vulnerability, Wake Up Calls, & The New Golden Rule – with Emily Golden

Lead Your Day with Merilyn

Remember in the corporate 90’s when we used to hang ‘Success’ posters up about working hard, and it was taught by HR training courses to ‘leave your personal life at home’? This chat with author and coach Emily Golden reminded me of that. She too was raised in that high performing corporate culture… but life and various traumas guided her on her true path.

The Second Phase Podcast

The Second Phase

Emily Golden, MCC is the author of The New Golden Rule and a mastered certified coach who specializes in executive leadership and career coaching. She has a deep understanding of the human mind, spirit, and potential. Emily works with high achieving individuals who appear to have it all on paper but in reality struggle with perfectionism and having to look and be a certain way. The narrative in their head is holding them back and they have an opportunity to change and actually have it all.

In A Manner of Speaking…

The Lighter Side of Emily Golden

In this interview, Elena speaks with Emily Golden, a courageous woman, successful entrepreneur, and incredible executive coach. Emily spent almost 20 years in corporate America until she decided to leave and help other high-performing professionals break free from perfectionism and people-pleasing. They discuss Emily’s recent book, The New Golden Rule, the value of authentic relationships, and the universal nature of imperfections.


Emily Golden & Ellyn Mantell: “New Golden Rule” and Fighting Perfectionism

Talk Radio 630KHow

Emily Mantell Golden and Ellyn Mantell talk about fighting perfectionism, their own published works, and the dynamics of the New Golden Rule.

Emily Golden on Sticking to Your New Years Resolutions

29 CBS Los Angeles

Emily Golden is a lifestyle coach. She says if you’re putting aside your resolution because you’re just not feeling into it, theres an answer for that.


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