Emily Golden is known...

as a seasoned Talent Management professional, brings over 20 years of experience as a C-Suite partner. She assists organizations in unlocking the full potential of their talent and teams to foster exceptional cultures and achieve remarkable outcomes.

A Few Talk Titles:

  • The New Golden Rule: Create A More Fulfilling Career and Better Life

  • Work Life Balance: Are You Playing an Unwinnable Game?

  • How The New Golden Rule Humanizes the Workplace

Taking care of yourself is absolutely critical to building a successful and sustainable career . Emily Golden’s “New Golden Rule” reinforces the importance of doing your own work to BE your highest and best self. When we are fully responsible for our care, asking for support, aware of the survival mechanisms generating self-doubt we can overcome the limitations and self-sabotage that stands in our way.

Applying The New Golden Rule makes anything in your life possible. As a professional, regardless of the role you play, how you show-up is everything. When you show-up fully sourced, connected and present, you lead the way for others to do the same. Energy follows energy.