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Emily Golden, MCC

Emily Golden


Emily is the founder and CEO of Golden Resources, a coaching and consulting firm. She helps today’s emerging leaders and executives shift underlying beliefs, find their sweet spot, and bring newfound value to their careers.

Allyson Hernandez, ACC

Allyson Hernandez


Allyson is a creative businessperson who coaches leaders to maximize their strengths and unlock their potential by getting clear on what they want and what’s really getting in their way by using her Zone of Genius as an Essence Reflector.

Andrew Mundy


Andrew Mundy is a Leadership Development and Life Coach who specializes in supporting high achievers to live a more authentic and purposeful life and as a result, have a greater impact on their careers, relationships and overall life experience. 

Gabriella Wolson


Gabriella offers a fusion of Career and Life Coaching, as well as services for businesses such as HR consulting, training facilitation, and executive coaching, through her business. She is committed to creating a world where every person can authentically embody and express their thoughts, opinions, passions, and interests in a safe space, free from judgment or danger.

Gideon Culman


Gideon Culman combines deep roots in adult development psychology, classical literature and philosophy, and pandemic parenting to support leaders as they navigate complex challenges with confidence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Jason Dukes


Jason Dukes, PCC is an innovator in personal transformation and empowerment of visionary entrepreneurs. As the Founder and CEO of Captain’s Chair Coaching, Jason focuses on empowering visionaries who have decided they are the chosen one in their industry and/or market and are committed to creating a revolution.

Jessie Anne Zayas

Jessie Anne is the founder and CEO of The Blueprint by JZ, a coaching and consulting firm for trailblazers. She blends her corporate executive experience with her love of mind, body & soul wellness to guide leaders on breaking the rules but not their spirit.

Jon Wilson


With 25 years of success and growth as an engineer, leader and entrepreneur, Jon supports leaders at all levels to operate with ease, confidence and purpose for peak performance and sustained well-being. His experience includes leaders at tech incubator start-ups, high-growth tech scale-ups, and well-known multinationals.        

Judy Weinstein


Judy is a vibrant and accomplished coach with an extensive background in facilitating change. Her superb relationship building skills paired with her unique ability to hear many different viewpoints creates a high level of trust. Whether working one-on-one or in a group setting, Judy’s sensitive, supportive, and flexible nature shines through.

Julie Ketover


Julie is an executive, leadership and life coach, as well as a trainer, writer and speaker, with nearly two decades of experience in the legal industry.               



Kristen Harcourt, PCC,CPCC

Kristen Harcourt


Kristen is a big believer in compassion, authenticity, and conscious leadership, and its her mission is to help leaders transform from the inside out so they can create a meaningful career and purpose-driven life and reach their full potential.


Lauren Borden


Dr. Lauren Borden, PCC, PhD specializes in the emotional and spiritual aspects of leadership and self-empowerment. As a coach, her signature style blends deep spiritual and healing aspects of coaching with corporate and application-based approaches.

Lisa Pachence


Lisa Pachence is an Executive Life Coach, Mentor Coach for Coaches, Owner of LP Coaching. Lisa primarily works with under-fulfilled high-achievers, high performing entrepreneurs and executives who are at a crossroads in their career. 

Melissa Eisler, MA,PCC

Melissa Eisler


Melissa is an ICF Certified Executive Coach with an MA in organizational leadership, and she partners with leaders in order to reach individual and organizational goals.

Rachel Levy


As a seasoned Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, Rachel is known for her ability to form strong partnerships with her clients and assist leaders grow their adaptive capacity. As a trusted advisor to executives and senior leaders, Rachel uses her depth and breadth of corporate experience to help her clients gain insights into new possibilities for increased effectiveness.

Robbi Nierenberg


Robbi coaches the fundamentals of Positive Intelligence and is trauma informed. Using a unique blend of somatic practices, performance science, behavioral science and neuroscience, she helps clients uncover what is getting in the way of living life to their fullest.


Sarah Langslow, MBA,PCC

Sarah Langslow


Sarah Langslow MBA, PCC, is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development specialist. She coaches and trains CEOs, executives, and senior managers to become high-impact leaders through building self-awareness, practising powerful communication, and building trusting relationships.