Know your EQ, Grow your EQ!

Know your EQ, Grow your EQ!

Happy March!  Spring is around the corner and here in NJ, it can’t come soon enough.  

As I continue to become more and more enamoured with the emotional intelligence assessment EQi 2.0, I wanted to share this quick YouTube video interview of Daniel Goleman, one of the world’s leading experts on emotional intelligence.  


If you don’t have 5 mins to watch the video (though I highly recommend you do), take a quick read this quick and powerful blurb.

“Study after study shows that in order to be in a top profession (Engineering/MBA/MD/being a top executive) someone needs to be at an IQ of one standard deviation above normal or higher (about 115).  Once someone is at that level, there is no correlation between their success or effectiveness in their line of work. That is the IQ level you need to master the technical skills and cognitive capacity you need to handle that profession.  But think about it, once you’re in the field, you’re competing against people who are about as smart as you are. Throughout school, IQ is a huge advantage for grades. In the workplace, after you reach that criterion level, it has very little added benefit.  What makes the difference are your personal abilities. How you manage yourself. Do you stay motivated? Focused? Adaptable? Self aware? Can you read other people? Do you know how to get along well? Can you be a leader?” ~Daniel Goleman


If your interest is piqued and you want to know what your EQ is, just reply to this message letting me know.  I’m happy to hop on a brief phone call to explain how the process works and what you can expect.



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