Empathetic, customized, and results-driven career coaching

Took Jackie from an uncertain career path to confidently stepping into her dream job.

“From the first moment of working with Emily, she tapped into a deeper level of what I wanted from my career and set me on a path that was more aligned with who I was.”

– Jacqueline Amoroso Craig, Account Relationship Manager


Jackie has been intentionally working towards creating her dream career for well over a decade. After starting in the digital advertising space out of college, Jackie’s next move was into apparel manufacturing and sourcing, where she originally planned to stay. She was in that role for many years, most of which she loved. Gradually, things started shifting.

Jackie Amoroso Craig

Account Relationship Manager

Empathetic, customized, and results-driven career coaching took Jackie from an uncertain career path to confidently stepping into her dream job.

However, leaving her long-held role within that company was challenging for Jackie as she faced being unemployed for the first time since moving into the workforce.

“I recognized I was in an industry that was facing challenges, and I felt the position I was in didn’t have room to grow. That meant over time, the job I loved had changed and no longer aligned with my values or what I wanted to achieve in my career.”

Jackie felt overwhelmed and unable to get traction in her job search.

Jackie knew something wasn’t working with her approach, but she didn’t know what. She felt stuck. Her husband told her she couldn’t keep doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome; he suggested that she seek out professional career support and try another way of doing things.

“I’d assumed I would always be with that company, so I hadn’t continued to network. After I left, I felt like I was starting from scratch. I was applying for jobs but not getting anywhere; it felt overwhelming.”

So Jackie decided to reach out and engage Emily to help her get unstuck and moving forward again on her career path.

“My Alumni network recommended Emily Golden to me, and initially, I just wasn’t sure. I was unemployed, and I hesitated over the price. I don’t think I saw the bigger picture of what it was going to do for me. My husband was confident that I’d make that up in my next role very quickly. That I could negotiate on my next position, and it will pay for itself.”

Discovering her core values and innate strengths enabled Jackie to identify where she wanted to be and motivated her to act.

It was Emily that reassured Jackie that she could consider a career direction outside of what she always assumed she would be doing. 

“Emily said, ‘You can pivot. You can explore more.’ She gave me that confidence, and I realized I’m not pigeonholed into any role. I felt like I was starting over and Emily was helping rebuild my career.”

“From the first moment of working with Emily, she tapped into a deeper level of what I wanted from my career and set me on a path that was more aligned with who I was.”

Focused action with a purpose became vital for lifting Jackie out of her unsuccessful, self-directed job search efforts.

Emily worked with Jackie to identify her core values and strengths, which revealed a desire to move away from sales roles into a career with a greater focus on relationships.

Ultimately, Jackie saw herself in a sizable technology-based company managing customer accounts. This direction aligned with Jackie’s empathetic approach to building relationships, which was one of the key skill sets she discovered through working with Emily.

“Emily gave me not only accountability but an actual plan that was realistic. Like tomorrow you should do these three things; it was like a checklist. She gave me homework and held me accountable for it, versus just falling through that quicksand and doing the same thing over and over with no results.”

The issue was that aside from her short stint in digital advertising, Jackie didn’t have much tech experience, which would be required to apply for her coveted role in a large company. So Jackie applied for and won a role in a small tech startup that married where she wanted to go with her past retail experience, providing a valuable stepping stone towards her eventual goal.

Unfortunately, not long after starting in that role, COVID hit. In response to a quickly changing environment, Jackie was shifted into a position that wasn’t the right fit for her. And for which she was not the right fit for the company.

“I feel like if the work I did with Emily were something I did at the start of my career, then maybe I wouldn’t have ended up where I was. It was invaluable in understanding what I’m good at and what I’m not good at”

Supported by Emily to take targeted action, Jackie started making swift progress towards her next career move.

Leaning on the tools and insight she had learned from working with Emily previously, Jackie quickly identified the mismatch and initiated a plan to move out of that position. However, this time Jackie didn’t hesitate in engaging Emily to help navigate the path to her next role.

Jackie worked with Emily one-on-one over weekly Zoom calls as Emily guided her through this transition. Jackie describes her sessions with Emily as “part therapy, part career coach. It was whatever I needed that week.” 

“It was so personalized. Emily recalled everything from our previous sessions, so it wasn’t like we were starting over every week. She remembered everything about my life without looking at her notes.”

“Emily is a very active listener. She is soft when needed but also firm when you need to make a change. I think she struck a perfect balance between being a good listener and giving me the tools I needed to move forward. We worked to a targeted schedule, and everything was very results-driven.”

Emily coached Jackie through how to network more effectively and how to craft communication that got a response. Emily also worked with Jackie to refine her resume and practice follow-up tactics after applying or interviewing for a position. Then, when Jackie secured two job offers on the same day, Emily worked with her to weigh the pros and cons of each and negotiate the offer that was the best fit.

“The guidance Emily gave me was customized to me as an individual, one hundred percent.”

“Once I realized I was moving into sales again, I knew it was no longer the right role for me. That was creating a lot of inner turmoil. I felt disappointed in myself at ending up in the same situation again. My confidence took a hit because of it.”

Emily’s empathetic guidance and accountability empowered Jackie to lean into her strengths and pursue her dream role.

Almost right away, Jackie started seeing the results of the work she was doing with Emily.

“I had that push and accountability. Things started moving pretty quickly once I started working with Emily.”

“We spent October on my resume, and by November, I was getting interviews and having conversations. By early December, I had interviewed for a job as a senior account relationship manager at a dream company. They made me an offer two weeks later, which I accepted.”

Jackie’s new role allowed her to step into her strengths of creating genuine connections and sustainable customer relationships, which helped her regain confidence in herself and her abilities.

“Emily empowered me to use my strengths and to be confident in them. Sometimes you might think you know your strengths, but having someone else tell you affirms them a little more. It definitely motivated me and gave me confidence.”

“I don’t feel stuck anymore. I trust myself, and I know I’m good at my job. I am getting recognition for my work, and I think that confidence is being noticed. I feel like a valued part of my team.”

“It’s been only four months, and we’re already having conversations about what’s next and making sure I’m on the right path.”

Jackie is now learning and growing into a role far beyond what she could’ve imagined even a few short years ago.

“I’ve learned so much already, and now I’m training new team members coming on board. I have the tools in place to not only help me learn, but I also have people who care about my development.

I feel like this role combines everything Emily and I identified that I was looking for in the next step in my career. Even though the last year was tough, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten my foot in the door at my dream job without my previous role. So, I think it served its purpose in giving me the experience I needed.”

“I feel very happy, not only because of the job but because of my work with Emily; I learned what I need to make me happy.”

“I feel like I’m finally where I’m meant to be.”

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